About Us

Eden Scout District was reborn in 2002. After working as part of Cumbria's North and East Division for many years, the District became a separate entity on 18 July 2002. The District is responsible for its own management, with an active District Team looking after the Scouting programme and a strong District Executive Committee (the District Trustees) raising the necessary funds.

From 2002 to 2005, the District was coterminous with the area of the Eden District Council: the Scout Group in Keswick joined the District in October 2005.   Between 2000 and the beginning of 2008 the numbers of young people and volunteer adults in the District more than tripled, and it has remained at much the same level since. The opening of new Beaver Colonies and Cub Scout Packs has been the main growth area, but adventurous activities and lively programmes for the older age groups have kept numbers up in the Scouts too.  We are - in area - the largest Scout District in England.

Many of our activities, and our training and recruitment programmes for young people and new Leaders, have been assisted by generous financial support from, among others, the Frieda Scott Charitable Trust, the Hadfield Trust, Awards for All, the Rural Development Project, the Cumbria Youth Alliance, the Cumbria Community Foundation, Cumbria Homes, and the local committee of the Cumbria County Council.  The District is very grateful for this support, without which its continued successful provision of Scouting for the young people of Eden would have been much more difficult.